• Transit times are always estimates only and are not guaranteed under any circumstances.
  • Due to traffic situations, acts of nature, seasonal periods or backlogs, pandemics, unforeseen circumstances, transit times cannot be guaranteed and can be longer or shorter then estimated at the time of booking.
  • Any estimate given, is considered as business days / Working days. Business days are not inclusive of weekend days and/or public holidays.
  • We strongly recommend avoiding to plan meetings, trips or holidays taking transit times into account. Easy Car Transport or the contracted car carrier cannot be held responsible for excess in transit times.


  • In giving out quotations, advice, statement or information Easy Car Transport relies solely on the particulars provided by the Customer about the Vehicle and Goods and in relation to the transaction(s) relating to the Vehicle and Goods.
  • Quotes, advice and statements are subject to change if the information provided by the customer is not true.


  • This site is presented on “as is” basis. Easy Car Transport, does not take any guarantee or warrantee concerning this site, nor takes responsibility for any technical errors. While accessing this site customer cannot hold Easy Car Transport responsible for any inaccuracies but, takes responsibility themselves.
  • Easy Car Transport acts as an agent on customers behalf to obtain the best possible quote and service; and subcontracts the Car Carrier to get the job done; and that, customer accepts our service as is.
  • In addition, customer accepts that it is the car carrier, and not Easy Car Transport, the holder of the responsibility of transporting your vehicle. This implies the acceptance of the carrier’s terms and conditions and that if any damage occurs you understand that the carrier themselves will deal with this for you.
  • Easy Car Transport will have all the rights to dispose off any abandoned Vehicles at the customers expense. Prior to disposing off the Vehicle, Easy Car Transport will provide a written notice to the customer and allow upto 10 working days for the customer to respond or take action.
  • If the receiver fails to accept the delivery of Vehicle for any reason not advised off prior to delivery; Easy Car Transport shall be entitled to store the Vehicle at the risk and expense of the Customer
  • Easy Car Transport may comply with any orders, directions or recommendations made by a Government Agency in relation to the Goods and/or the provision of the Services without recourse by, and at the risk and expense of, the Customer.
  • If, in the opinion of Easy Car Transport, the Vehicle or Goods do not meet the requirements and specifications provided at the time of bookings; Easy Car Transport shall have all the right to : i) Refuse to Provide the Services in respect of the Goods or any part of them; or ii) Take necessary measures at the risk and expense of the Customer to make sure the Vehicle / Goods comply with the requirements as per the guidelines provided.


  • Other than a Claim or allegation by the Customer against Easy Car Transport, no Claim or allegation shall be made by any person (including the Customer) against any other person (including Easy Car Transport) who provides the Services or any part of the Services, which imposes or attempts to impose any liability whatsoever and howsoever arising in connection with the provision of the Services and/or Goods.


  • Vehicle should be in a drivable roadworthy condition, no damage.
  • Have clearance of 140 mm / 14cm
  • Vehicle will be classified as standard as long as they are :
    • Under 1.90 m Height
    • Under 2.10 m Width
    • Under 5.50 m Length
  • The dimensions of the vehicle are considered from the furthest points. (top of roof racks / Ladder racks, etc; edge of mirror to mirror (folded in); Bullbar to tow ball, etc)
  • Functioning brakes and handbrakes.
  • The car weight should not be over 3 tonnes unless arranged previously.
  • You agree that there is an excess payable for any damage claims by customer themselves.
  • Vehicles coming out of Auction houses can be accepted without non roadworthy certification. With those vehicles, they should be drivable but will not have any insurance / warranty in transportation.


  • All cancellation needs at least 48 hours of notice from the Drop off / Collection date. Cancellation fee will be charged anywhere between $70 to $120 depending on the circumstances and nature of booking. Booking can be put on HOLD over phone but to cancel a booking we will need the confirmation via email only. ** If the cancellation is made within last 48 hours, Easy Car Transport reserves the right to considering the Partial Refund or NO refund at all depending on the nature of booking.


  • Once the booking has been confirmed, further adjustments may incur an administration fee and additional costs depending on the changes.


  • All vehicles must be empty unless the ‘Goods in Car’ option is selected. Please note that this service only allows goods with the following characteristics.
  • Goods should be under 80 Kg or extra payment has been arranged for extra goods above 80 kgs.
  • Goods must not block any windows and should be below window level
  • No legal responsibility will be taken for goods or vehicle loss or damage as a result of the goods being in it.


  • Vehicle will still be considered as empty if the following items are kept in it
  • Spare tyre, Jack and Tools
  • Toolbox associated with the vehicle
  • Baby Seats and Booster Seats (they should be fitted, not loose).


  • Easy Car Transport will arrange for the vehicle to collect from, and deliver to, the locations and persons specified in the booking confirmation or consignment notes. Customer is responsible for making sure that the collection and delivery locations are accessible at the times agreed for collection and delivery and are also reasonably suitable and accessible for trucks. If the delivery location is unattended or not reasonably accessible or delivery of the vehicle is refused, Easy Car Transport may choose to drop the vehicle at the delivery location or store the vehicle or return the vehicle to the sender at Customer’s risk and expense and that action will be deemed to constitute delivery.


  • Easy Car Transport does not hold an Australian Financial Services; thus shall not arrange or provide any insurance for the Customer. The Customer must obtain its own insurance in respect of the Vehicle / Goods and/other Services.
  • In case your vehicle gets damaged during its transport, customer will have to get in touch with the carrier to determine compensations and levels of liability. Carriers do not cover already damaged/written-off or non drivable vehicles in any case, please check carriers own terms of transport.


  • Customer must clear the payment before the vehicle is dropped off or collected or the Services has been commenced , unless otherwise agreed by Easy Car Transport . If customer fails to clear the payment before service commencement date East Car Transport may suspend or Hold the provision of the Services until Charges have been paid.
  • Charges must be paid by credit card or by bank deposit to the Official Business account of Easy Car Transport as specified in the booking confirmation.
  • Charges payable for the Services are confidential and you as a customer agree not to disclose them to any third party.
  • The Price Lock-Down is strictly in addition to the value of the quote and will be forfeited if customer does not confirm the booking within 7 days of Lock-In period.


  • We do not store any credit card information as the transactions are done directly on Bank Platform.


  • Easy Car Transport will use customers information only to provide the services or products that you requested, or other than for legal or lawful purposes. including (but not limited to) disclosing information to Law Enforcement Agencies, and Government agencies (but not limited to) such as the Australian Taxation Office, Department of Social Services & Child Support Agencies, Workers Compensation, etc.
  • We require personal information for the general operations of our business and to offer you the services we provide and to confirm the bookings. Easy Car Transport will not provide any personal information collected, to persons and institutions outside of Easy Car Transport.
  • Whilst Easy Car Transport takes all the necessary and reasonable steps to protect your personal information, but sending and receiving information over the Internet is always at customers own risk. Easy Car Transport does guarantee that information sent over the Internet is completely secure.